Monday, March 15, 2010

Springtime in Texas

Where oh where did February go?

I don’t know what happened ~ I blinked my eyes and here it is the middle of March! It is so nice to finally have all the rain behind us ~ I thought I was living in Seattle or London there for a while! The beautiful sunny blue skies Texas is known for are back and it feels good!

Gorgeous Spring fabrics have been arriving and they inspired me to transform the outside of my home. I was able to spend yesterday working on my yard and adding a little color by planting snapdragons, dianthus, gardenias, alyssum, and lantanas.
Now the search is on to find the perfect clematis vine to grow on my new arbor.

My backyard’s crowning jewel right now is my Bradford pear tree. It is in full bloom and the clusters of delicate white flowers are breathtaking. My Lady Banks rose bush has a million yellow buds and it should be bursting with blossoms later this week.

If you live in an area where Spring has not yet arrived, you may want to bring some color into your life by taking home a few yards of the wonderful fabrics I have in my shop.